markos-polydorouMarkos Polydorou is a Canadian-Cypriot who has been an avid music producer, sound designer, MI marketer, and DJ. During the start of his professional career, he had the privilege of being tasked with launching some notable campaigns at various companies.  His work with DJ Mag Canada in 2011 focused on bringing large scale festivals such as Digital Dreams, Budweiser’s Sensation, Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival and Veld to the masses and exposed him to the world of event operations, branding, and promotion.  After years of working with these organizations, he gained the experience to go on to manage various marketing promotions for local event companies, agencies, and other music focused businesses with much success.  With over a decade of experience in Canada’s Music Industry, Markos has now returned home to his roots as a DJ and Producer to work on his first solo album.

As a seasoned audio engineer, sound designer, music producer and DJ, Markos knows his way around Pro Audio equipment and set ups for various installments.  In the early 2000’s, he was the resident DJ at On81 in St. Catharines which saw him opening for internationally famed artists such as Joel Zimmerman, Sydney Blu, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, The Junkies, Art Department, Boza, Joee Cons, Addy, and Manzone & Strong.  Soon after his success in Niagara, Markos moved to Toronto where he was appointed Director of PR & Marketing after co-founding DJ Mag Canada – Canada’s first and only publication dedicated to electronic music – and went on to run the brand for 2 and half years before it’s close.  During this time he began working on large-scale projects as a promotional interviewer and opening DJ for Mark Knight, Dubfire, Dennis Ferrer, Rebecca & Fiona, Davide Squillace, Paul van Dyk, Richie Hawtin and the artists newly launched CNTRL tour. As a professional, Markos’ skill in the Pro Audio world is extremely well rounded.  He is knowledgeable in not only the technical aspect of equipment specs and how to properly set up pro audio systems for small to medium sized events but in how the industry runs as a whole.  His credentials have allowed him to work with some of the biggest and most reputable artists, festivals, and event organizers in the world.

Today, Markos is a Certified Native Specialist for the Berlin-based music software and hardware company Native Instruments. Elevating his career as an artist and musician to new heights is one of the first to be hired on to help the companies Canadian expansion and is yet another reinforcing statement that shows Markos’ hard work and dedication towards his art and the determination to continue the growth of electronic music and technology in Canada.

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