With deadmau5’s Masterclass weeks away, I had an idea to create a very simple yet powerful drum rack in Ableton Live that will set you off in the right direction with your productions.  I took it upon myself to record some kick drum sounds from deadmau5’s newest sample pack via Splice, resample them in Ableton Live, and throw them in a drum rack with an eq and compressor on each channel for some dynamic tuning and tweaking.  The samples were recording through my Mackie 802 VLZ-3 mixer into Ableton via a Komplete Audio 6.  I then ran each sample through a compressor set at with a threshold of -17 db and a 4:1 ratio.  The attack and release were set to the lowest settings and the result is a very nice sounding set of EDM kicks that you can utilize as your own production template.

Inside the drum rack, I kept things very simple and left both the eq and compressor at their default settings so that you can fine tune your kicks to however you want them to sound.  I put the eq infront of the compressor for this drum rack because I wanted to be able to sculpt the sound first and leave the option for removing some unwanted frequencies (some of the kicks have a high pitch click at around 5000 kHz).  The reason for putting the compressor last is so that when the compressor is activating after setting the threshold, it is only compressing the frequencies that are being aloud to pass through the eq.  Some people may opt to use eq after the compressor, but for this reason, I wanted to ensure that I had my sound dialed in the way I wanted using the eq first, leaving the compressor as the final process to finish off the sound in terms of dynamics.

This template is very basic and meant to be a starting point for those who are looking for a solid base for their productions.  These kick samples are probably the only kicks you’ll need if you hope to make EDM type music but, there is enough space on the rack for you to build up your kit as you like.  To download, click on the drum rack image below:


Note: If the samples are missing, please use Ableton’s file relocation tool to search for the samples.  They can be found in the deadmau5 Masterclass Template Project\Samples\Processed\Crop folder.

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