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One of the biggest upsets about Maschine – for myself and other users alike- always had to do with the complexity of incorporating the software and hardware combo for live use as a performance tool and syncing it easily with Traktor.  Traditionally, you had to tackle quite a few steps in order for the two to work with one another.  It was a skill and an art form in itself.  I remember setting it up for the first time at one of my earlier residencies when I started DJing.  It worked out after a number of failures, but there was always a sense of fear in the back of my mind that something would go out of whack and throw my entire performance out of sync.  Luckily, Native Instruments have answered all of our prayers with their latest news by incorporating Ableton’s Link technology.

So what is Link?  Well, Link is the holy grail for digital DJ’s and electronic music performers.  It takes the hardest aspect of our set ups – syncing devices – and makes them talk to one another in perfect harmony using beat, tempo, and phase synchronization over a local network.  I can’t get into exact details about how the code works or how Ableton managed to make this technology work so well, but what I can say is that the days of tweaking and figuring out how to properly sync devices (especially Traktor and Maschine) are over.  All you need to do now is push the Link button that programmers have provided in the latest Traktor and Maschine updates, and off you go.  The only set up you need to do is creating a local network for your devices to connect to.  No more matching metronomes, no more perfecting your tap tempo skills, and no more trouble shooting during your set when things go wonky.  Link seamlessly lets you sync up to a number of devices with ease.  Check out the video below to get a glimpse at this amazing new technology and to see how easy it is to get started.

For you developers out there, Ableton provides you with all the necessary code needed to set up Link in your programming efforts.  If you are looking at developing an app or the next best DAW then be sure to check out the API needed to incorporate this awesome feature in your programs.

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